By Mary Ann Inman


CLINTON – Taylor North, is a Prairie Days advocate. She recommends that all who have horses and hitches or other motorless showmanship to sign-up. She is confident lots of people will show up to watch the 19th Annual Parade on Saturday, Aug. 22 at 1 p.m.

“Clinton is a perfect small town to host the parade,” North added. “It is an exciting way for the entire community and beyond to enjoy a Saturday afternoon.”

Taylor has been a member of the Clinton FFA for the past six years and a member of Turtle 4-H for 11 years. Through these organizations, she has had opportunities to participate in many shows, educational events, and petting zoos.

Taylor said, “Each year that I have driven in the Prairie Day Parade has been a new and great experience for me. I drove a hitch of four Welsh Ponies my first year and drove a Unicorn hitch my second year. This was the first parade I ever participated in, so it was an exciting experience that allowed me to show people what I love doing right in my home town.”

North added, “My love for driving hitches and wanting more people to get involved by driving is what truly motivates me to take part in so many shows and parades.

“My dedicated driving instructor, Will Swierenga, has inspired me and encouraged me to drive in local events such as the Prairie Day Parade because he knows that it will help enhance my driving skills.”

Taylor credits her parents, Melissa and Craig North getting her to where she is today. Their continued support keeps her motivated. They have encouraged her to be involved with FFA and 4-H for many years.

She feels that it is because of them she has made significant progress in her showing career. Her parents have helped her with show costs, meeting new people, and building her confidence.

Other examples of local events that have captured Taylor’s interest are Food for America, Clinton FFA Petting Zoos, and Horse Judging Teams.

Aside from these local events, North has driven her horses and has shown, bred and owned barrows at multiple shows throughout the state. Recently, Taylor showed her purebred Hereford barrow at the Rock County 4-H fair.

“I recommend becoming involved with either 4-H or FFA or both to anyone because of the various opportunities to advance, leadership roles that one can acquire, and everlasting friendships that can be created,” said Taylor.

North added, “Showing my animals, whether it was my horses or pigs, has made me who I am today. It has built my confidence, taught me responsibility and appreciation for animals, and led me into finding the career that I want to pursue.”

This fall Taylor North will attend the University of Wisconsin River Falls as a part of their Pre-Vet program. Currently her plan is to major in animal science with an emphasis in meat animal production and a minor in chemistry.





Mary Ann Inman photo

Prairie Days advocate Taylor North recommends that all who have horses or other motorless showmanship to sign-up for the 19th Annual Parade on Saturday, Aug. 22 at 1 p.m.