By Mary Ann Inman


CLINTON – Jack Friess from Stevens Point and I met at the Clinton Kitchen while he was in town hanging John “Clinton” Doe or JCD posters.

Friess has taken on a mission to find the young man’s name and family. JCD’s body was found in 1995. His identity and the cause of his death are still mysteries.

Friess got emotional when he said, “John “Clinton” Doe or JCD remains were found by hunters in a wooded area next to Turtle Creek in Bradford Township in November 1995. Twenty years have passed and we just don’t know much about JCD. He must have had someone who cared…his mother, father, grandparents, friends or siblings.”

The next question that popped into my mind. “What is your motivation?”

Jack said, “I have a son, 35 years old, that lives in Washington. If this was my son. I would still be searching for him and I would want someone to help me. I watched a special on television about a man that cared enough to take on a search until an identity surfaced.

“I made up my mind then to find the identity of JCD. I have spent the last two years looking for JCD’s name and family. If I need to I will dedicate the rest of my life in search of his background information.”

He added, “If JCD were alive today he would be between ages 37 and 40. The not-for-profit search has been expanded to include 13 volunteers. We are searching area high school yearbooks in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. JCD would have been in the senior class in 1995 to 1997. Even if he was a drop out. Somebody enrolled in school would have known him.”

Friess stopped at various libraries in Beloit, Janesville and Clinton. Larger libraries have more archives but Clinton was missing a few of the yearbooks he needed. Then about two or three weeks later he received a call. Sure enough, someone donated used books which included the missing editions.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating the case since the body was discovered and the Rock County Coroner’s Office got heavily involved in 2013-2015. Still there is no answer to the identity of JCD.

Jack Friess knows JCD was wearing a black t-shirt with a very unusual Venom heavy metal band logo, and he was thought to be 17-20 years old, The belief is that he had ties back then to the heavy metal community in Clinton, Janesville, Beloit, Rockford and/or possibly other communities in southern and southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

One theory is that JCD was at Carver-Roehl Park which at the time was known as a hangout for parties because his body was found within a mile of the park. Perhaps JCD wondered off and hypothermia set in. He was found on the creek bank with his jacket pulled over his head.

The posters Jack was hanging were designed specifically appeal to heavy metal fans. Music stores, like The Exclusive Store in Janesville are targeted. The goal is to raise awareness about the case and attempt to find anyone that may have known the teenager.

“We have reached out to the heavy metal community through social media to better understand what JCD may have been like, what his life consisted of, and who he may have associated with,” said Jack Friess. “We designed the poster based on this research.”

“Metal Heads,” as they refer to themselves, are a unique bunch of individuals and rebels who express their dislike and distrust with traditional society through their music—like Extreme Metal, Trash Metal, Black Metal, to name a few. The music brings these folks together in bars, concert halls, and even outdoor concerts.

“We want to reach every heavy metal fan who is the age JCD would be now—37 to 40.” said Friess. “Eventually we will be putting up these posters in local bars and concert halls too.”

Since the beginning it has been supposed that JCD was a local kid, or at least hung around with a local crowd of heavy metal fans. The search is focused on the southern part of the state near the population centers of Janesville, Beloit, Kenosha, and Milwaukee. Eventually the plan will include Illinois: Rockford, Elgin, and Chicago area.

A new public awareness campaign in the design stage to encourage people that may have known the teenager back in the early 90s to come forward with information about his identity.

If this article or the “Remember Me?” poster sketch stirs your recollection of someone please contact: The Find JCD Project Janesville Area Crime Stoppers 608-756-3636.

If you have a place to put up a “Remember Me?” poster, please contact: Jack Friess, New Look Investigations (non-profit) Team Leader 715-498-1632 or


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