By Mary Ann Inman


CLINTON – Ron Torkilson openly expressed his concerns saying that on any given day people may see a vehicle blow any one of the four stop signs located on the intersections of State Highway 140 and County Road X.

Torkilson explained, “I can sit outside (watching from my home) and watch the corner and the traffic flow. Cars run the four way stop signs…sometimes it happens daily. Once in while a semi will blow through also.”

“And the problem isn’t a new one,” he added. “It has gone on for years. In talking to the crossing guards most mornings are busy and people do watch out and take their time. If parents have problems or see something going on they should report it to the Village Office or to the Police Department.”

“DPW Director Roger Johnson has talked to the State about what can be done but it seems somebody would have to be seriously injured or God forbid killed before anything major could happen.

“On Highway 140 the State has the say. The reason nothing has been done is we have been really lucky, but sooner or later luck will run out,” explained the Village Public Safety Trustee.

Recently, Johnson trimmed the maple tree by the funeral home and added a second stop sign to the post near that tree on County Road X. The stop sign view was partially obstructed especially for truck drivers seated in higher positions.

Just last Thursday evening when Torkilson was returning from a Village Committee Meeting and was stopped at the corner while heading west on County Road X, he saw a car fail to stop while approaching the intersection southbound on Highway 140 and turning east onto County Road X.

Ron honked, and the driver returned a baffled look like, “What did I do?”

Torkilson believes petitions might help just to let the State know area residents and drivers passing through are concerned about safety. It comes down to paying attention when approaching the intersection.

“I have served on the Village Board since 2008 when Mary Jensen asked me to finish out a term and have been Chair of the Public Safety Committee for two terms,” he said. “I really enjoy working with Police Chief Hooker and his force.”

Letters addressed to State Representative Amy Loudenbeck or Congressman Paul Ryan came to mind as Torkilson discussed the issue. Sending complaint letters to State, Village, and the local Police Department may help.

Village Public Safety Meetings are always have published dates and times. Concerned residents can check the website or area post sites. The regular Village meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m., at the Village Hall. Citizens are encouraged to attend meetings to see how local government works,

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