By Mary Ann Inman


CLINTON – Twenty-five artists have their artwork on exhibit at the UW Conference Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St., Madison. Over 100 artworks can be viewed through Oct. 28.

The artworks vary in styles that range from hyper-realism to abstraction and include acrylic, oil, watercolor, collage, and more. Artists have priced them to sell.

Several artists helped hang, label, and price the exhibit on Monday, Sept. 28. By Tuesday we had already received inquiries from conference attendees about purchasing artwork. For visual artists it is an honor to have people view and appreciate paintings. When artists have a piece purchased… we “freak out with joy.”

As the buyer writes out the check every visual artist quietly thinks, “Yes, somebody gets it. My art voice has made a statement beyond words.”

Each artist gladly paid the $20 exhibit entry fee. You can imagine how delighted I was when students of the School of Eclectic Art contributed $500 designated to help Clinton Public Library obtain a larger facility.

The exhibit was a win/win for the exhibit artists, Pyle Center Conference Building, School of Eclectic Art business, and Clinton Public Library. Many community partnerships are needed to help the library board reach their long-term goal to acquire 12,000 square feet to maximize services and programs.

Although not a substantial amount, the donation was greatly appreciated and accepted at the Clinton Public Library Foundation meeting on Thursday, Oct 1 by Treasurer Sue Risseeuw.

Clinton Public Library Foundation was formed specifically to expand library spaces so the book club, children’s story hour, summer reading programs, and tween and teen activities can happen without interrupting the solitude of patrons researching, reading, browsing, or surfing the net.

As a self-proclaimed library advocate, I feel so lucky to live within two blocks of the Clinton Library. Yes, I love the smell and look of books and I see them lined up on the shelf like people I know…old, new, tall, short, thick, thin, diverse, tragic, sad, happy, informative, and at times boring to me.

Like people each book has something to say, ranging from a shout to a whisper. Each one has a message about life’s challenges, sundries, soul-searching, politics, religion, comedy, fiction, history, how-to, passions, and some, to me at least, are pointless.

Life itself is pointless without contradiction and imagination. Great authors, actors, musicians, and artists know how to use both attributes to their advantage.

Contradiction and imagination are the livelihood of all communities and need to be celebrated. Local visual and performing artists, and educators need a venue to share, showcase, and celebrate their talents and knowledge.

A larger library will provide a gathering place to local talents, people, and scholars to share, exhibit and perform. Everybody has something to bring to offer and many are willing to share if the opportunities are presented and space is available. The end result enhances community and unifies cultural experiences.

Space is needed at the library for electronics, study, lounging, local historical and genecology archives and multi-purpose community meetings, programs, and gatherings which will add vitality to our community.

Clinton Public Library space needs contributions are greatly appreciated. Visit to donate via PayPal or make checks payable to Clinton Public Library Foundation, PO Box 487, Clinton, WI 53525 or visit to donate via PayPal.


Courtesy photo

From left – CPLF Treasurer Sue Risseeuw accepts a $500 check from Mary Ann Inman School of Eclectic Art owner and CPLF co-president. Mary Ann’s students paid exhibit entry fees which in turn were designated to help Clinton Public Library obtain more space.