By Mary Ann Inman


CLINTON – The Clinton Community District School Board met at the Clinton High School on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 7 p.m. Board Members present were: Gary Gilbank, Jill Gunderson, Craig Ostrander, Dustin Esselman, Ken Luety and Evelyn Propp. Tom Howard was absent. Administrator Dr. Randy Refsland and Business Manager Dan McCrea were present.

Nicole Erickson and about seven citizens and educators were present. There were no speakers for citizen concerns.

Consent to the agenda, roll call, minutes, expenditures/receipts were conducted and approved. The board approved two hires, CMS Part-time Para-educator Emily Yungen and CMS Food Service Michelle Baker and approved an unpaid leave request for Dedra Strohkirch.

Next Nicole Erickson gave a presentation regarding English Language Learning (ELL). Ms. Erickson listed staffing names and positions and race distribution numbers. ELL numbers are at 36 (CES), 21 (CMS), and 20 (CHS) and nine languages are represented district-wide.

ELL goals include: community, care, respect, and culture.  Opening doors and access to learning are key factors. A survey during registration will help identify needs. Parents have the option to decline ELL training.

Testing and placement will follow based on survey results. Programming, plan of action, monitoring, and consulting are components. Exit criteria will be established.

Then Dr. Refsland announced that the school board election date is April 15. Interested parties needs to complete paperwork by the end of December.

Business Manager Dan McCrea followed with open enrollment and headcount numbers. District funding is based on a district count at 1,058 which is down 23 students from last year.

Community Conversation: Dr. Refsland mentioned the dates for the annual convention for school board members who want to attend. He also noted an article written by Mr. Lucas about inappropriate fan behavior at Clinton football games.

Gary Gilbank reported topics discussed on Oct. 3 during the Community Conversation forum. Items included college bound students, test data, funding, Fund 80 (inquiry for Clinton Public Library), ELL Program, and a suggestion to hold a cultural potluck.

The meeting adjourned and went into closed session.