By Mary Ann Inman


CLINTON – Rock County Resource Center (RCRC) met on Nov. 24, at 11 a.m. Board members present were Rev. Chuck Case, Tammy Eliszewski, Connie Tracy, Rhonda Douglas, Randy Terrones, Jose Carrillo, and Mary Ann Inman, and two guest speakers. Dina Knibbs arrived at noon.

The mission of RCRC is to be a client-friendly Christian ministry providing information, education, and resources for individuals and families that want to live in vibrant, culturally diverse, and prosperous community.

In October, RCRC officers were elected as follows: President Rev. Chuck Case, Vice-President Tammy Eliszewski, Treasurer Connie Tracy, and Secretary Mary Ann Inman.

President Rev. Chuck Case opened with a prayer. After directors approved their Bylaws two speakers were introduced.

Director Randy Terrones introduced Neil Deupree, Janesville. Deupree said a study identified that a new jail expansion at $60 million was needed. A Council was formed including the Sheriff and District Attorney and about 18-20 others who did an evidence-based analysis versus doing things the same way as always.

Due to ankle braces, ordering community service over incarceration, and other methods the county was able to avoid expanding jail capacities. The focus now is to treat behavioral and mental health issues with referrals before the persons experience trauma. The steering committee works on prevention and early intervention to identify self-medication leading to drug and alcohol abuse.

Director Jose Carrillo introduced Jane Thompson. Thompson expressed frustration with schools districts that introduce programs and drop them for the next new and improved program in about two year cycles. She worked with the Janesville School District to engage minorities through parental empowerment. English Language Learners (ELL) includes 11 languages or more.

Wisconsin has the number one in achievement gap for minorities. She worked to intersect people through a nine-week sessions that included cultural food gatherings, transportation, free child care, and on-site interpreters.

The sessions included a graduation ceremony to celebrate success. A stipend grant helped fund the program that started with the elementary and moved onto the middle schools. The district learned from parents.

Rev. Case talked about the need to plan “RCRC’s Coming-out Party” with an approximate April timeline.  Case explained this would be to introduce the new non-profit and explain our purpose. Rhonda Douglas stated discussion about what, when, where, why and how to fund needs to happen to prepare for the event.

The faith-based nonprofit organization plans to offer hope and practical help to people by identifying community education, referrals, housing and immigration needs.

President Rev. Case closed the meeting with prayer.