CLINTON – There is something about a library that people love! We asked some local experts about libraries, kids who know what they are talking about, to tell us why they love libraries.

Their answers overwhelmed us! They had very thoughtful and kind responses about their school libraries, public libraries, and personal libraries too.

The Clinton Public Library Foundation’s promotion committee decided to offer a contest to help put the spotlight on libraries in February.

We challenged kids in grades 3-6 to write a poem, create a drawing, or write an essay about a library, any library, that they loved for the “I Love My Library!” contest.

Once the entries were turned in, judges saw common themes about libraries in a variety of formats. There were colorful and detailed drawings of libraries, cute poems, and longer essays that showed a depth of love for libraries that surprised us. All entries were then displayed at Clinton Public Library.

One entry described the library as an “inspiration station.” Perfect! Libraries today have to continually change to stay relevant, and inspiring library users is the key to seeing more people using the library.

There were many entries that thanked their favorite librarians including Mary Bieber and her wonderful staff at Clinton Public Library, as well as Mrs. Irwin, Mrs. Gilbank, and Mrs. Anderson at Clinton Elementary and Clinton Middle schools.

Words of thanks for choosing wonderful books and offering huge varieties of books were woven through several entries. Sweeter words were never written when several young “authors” thanked their librarians for being so helpful, welcoming, and kind, and even for keeping the libraries in good order so people can always find the right books.

Entry after entry explained a deep love for the library because there are computers, iPads, and e-Readers available. Technology literally means the world to young library users. They wrote of tapping into social media and games online, and connecting with friends and family.

Kids love to look for books, talk about books, and even recommend books online too.

Having an online library catalog was frequently mentioned as a favorite thing to use during a library visit. It is challenging and fun for kids to look for books online and then find them on the shelves.

Competitions offered in libraries make kids love libraries too. Jr. Book Olympics, Book Olympics, Battle of the Books, and other reading challenges were reasons some gave for loving their school libraries.

It’s easy to take grand adventures from a comfortable library chair to slay dragons, visit ancient Greek gods, or watch knights battle. Where else but a library can people find the exact book to match every unique personality?

Interesting library programming that includes crafts, books, and fun are other reasons kids love libraries. One child wrote about how important it is to be able to create memories when visiting the library. Others wrote that libraries need to be around in the future for children too.

There is safety and kindness in a library, and it’s just a good place to be, according to several writers. Some of the kids wrote that their families visit the library together, and that’s why they love the library, because there is something there for the whole family!

Thank you to everyone who entered the “I Love My Library” contest. With the creative and thoughtful work entered by so many, it was difficult to choose the winning essays, poems, and drawings.

For 3rd and 4th grade entries the winners included: 1st Place – Karlee Morris; 2nd Place – Paige Damman; 3rd Place – Alexis Mazzola; and Honorable Mention – Oliver Melson.

For 5th and 6th grade entries the winners included: 1st Place – Julie Ochoa; 2nd Place Madison Shull; 3rd Place – Emma Cary; and Honorable Mention – Tony Ashiku, Swalynn Benson, and Raychel Dickson.

Thank you all for loving your libraries!


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3rd-4th Grade Winners are Paige Damman, 2nd Place; Karlee Morris, 1st Place; Alexis Mazzola, 3rd Place; Oliver Melson, Honorable Mention; Mrs. Cindy Irwin, CES Library Supervisor and CPLFoundation promotion committee