CLINTON – Each year Clinton Middle School hosts a spelling bee for students in grades five through eight. Participants are selected by grade levels in classroom rounds.

Each classroom does three rounds, and the top five performers from each round receive points. The two students with the most accumulated points in each classroom then get to advance to the all-school spelling bee.

There are four classrooms per grade level, which places eight participants per grade level in the final competition, except for seventh grade, which only had six competitors.

This year, the first place winner for the second year in a row was Wade Rainey, sixth grade. José Lara, seventh grade, placed second. Third place went to Connor Gracyalny, sixth grade, and Gretchen Hahn, eighth grade, won fourth place. All competitors did a wonderful job, and each one should be very proud of their hard work and performance.

5th Grade

Giovanni Aceves, Van Jensen, Quinn McCabe, Brady Miethke, Jane Morouney, Jenna Shinkus, Madison Shull, Sawyer Weisensel

6th Grade

Hailey Atkinson, Swaylynn Benson, Kimberly Brewer, Connor Gracyalny, Jase Henschler, Josh Karstetter, Mick Mullooly, Wade Rainey

7th Grade

Sydney Arneson, Katie Arnold, Grant Howard, Jose Lara, Gracey Rainey, Tony Rangel

8th Grade

Kelsey Beaumont, Gretchen Hahn, Drew Holloway, Destiny Knutsen, Cynthia Lara, Elyssa Pope, Kassy Salinas, Hannah Vince

4th Place – Gretchen Hahn (Grade 8)

3rd Place – Connor Gracyalny (Grade 6)

2nd Place – Jose Lara (Grade 7)

1st Place – Wade Rainey (2nd year in a row!) (Grade 6)

Spelling Bee I

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The winners of the Clinton Middle School Spelling Bee were First place: Wade Rainey (sixth grade), Second place: José Lara (seventh grade), Third place: Connor Gracyalny (sixth grade), Fourth place: Gretchen Hahn (eighth place).