BRODHEAD – Eighty-three Personal Finance students completed the 6th annual Reality Store on Tuesday, April 12.

Each of the students had to research possible careers they would like to go into and find out what the monthly salary would be in Wisconsin for that job. The students used that as their monthly salary for the Reality Store.

Students were randomly assigned marital status and children.  They had to pay student loans and child support, if needed, out of their paychecks.

The first place they went to was to Uncle Sam to determine how much of their paychecks would go to taxes.

The students then had to go to one of the banks and get a checking account set up and deposit their paychecks.

They had to purchase a car from an auto dealer who was participating.

Next, they had to find housing. They could buy from a local realtor who was helping out or they could rent.

After housing was established, students could randomly go to the other booths which included the following: insurance, cable, cell phones, pets, fate, utilities, entertainment, clothing, groceries, investment, childcare, and household products.

The students were done after they went to all of the booths and had money left over in their checkbooks.

The students and volunteers enjoyed the activity. It made some kids really open their eyes to how expensive things are, and it taught them how to budget their monthly income.  Pick up this week’s print edition for full story.