By Mary Ann Inman REPORTER

Clinton Village President, Connie Tracy, called the Village Board Meeting to order on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 7 p.m. Board Trustees present were: Ron Torkilson, Art Bushue, Dennis Nielson, Jeanette Troha, Sonja Capes and Dina Knibbs. Acting Administrator/Police Chief Dave Hooker was present. Brendan Kress of Strand & Associates, DPW Director Roger Johnson, Village Engineer, Treasurer/Clerk Pam Franseen, Library Director Mary Bieber, Library Board President Janet Haag, and eight other citizens were present. After opening procedures, Brendan Kress reviewed the findings of the Village Facilities’ Needs Analysis. Board Members have had nine months to review the study handed out at the regular January meeting. Order of needs will be arranged by the Village Board. The slides, drawings, and a broad range of options were summarized in the brief verbally as follows: Most importantly, the Village Hall building needs repairs even to be used as it is. At times, the basement has had standing water issues causing substantial humidity issues for the Library. The building heat is distributed unevenly. The second floor is only partly usable for a police break room and limited storage. The façade has loose bricks that require tuck and repair. The building is on the State and National Register so some funding could be available. Keeping the Library in the existing building was not recommended due to high humidity and space needs at nearly 10,000 square feet which is in line with previous needs study and standard state recommendations. The building has 6,000 square feet available on the first floor. Assuming the Library would be located elsewhere; Kress noted that the building is structurally sound and showed a draft floor plan for an efficient use of the space for Village Administration and Police. Kress noted that the floor plan could be modified as needed to address Municipal Court privacy issues. The Public Works space was adequate; but, now that the second building located at 204 Front Street is not available, moving Public Works to the Industrial Park near the Sewer Plant would allow an improved facility and salt dome storage (25% of annual salt usage can be stored now). If Public Works were moved to the Industrial Park, the old Fire Station structure could be salvaged and land used for a Library and Senior Center usage. The plan allowed about 3,000 sq. ft. adequate for the Senior Center and 9,000 sq. ft. for the Library (slightly less than the studies recommend). It would be cost effective to combine the Library and Senior Center because they could share space. Building a new combined Library and Senior Center is estimated to cost $3.3 million using 2017 estimates. Another option included utilizing the current Public Works space for Village Administration and Police Station. Decisions regarding the use of the Public Works space range from $215,000 to over $2.8 million. Scenarios ranged from utilizing existing properties to building new facilities without going in depth. The Comprehensive Needs Study is available to view upon request at the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office. The Village Board will have a follow up facilities meeting in open session. The public is invited to voice concerns as the conversation continues. Feel free to consult any Board Member or Dave Hooker.

Next, Wendy Stewart who is running for Rock County Treasurer addressed the Board under public appearances. President Tracy thanked Linda Renaud for her service on the Library Board. She nominated Chris Vance as Linda’s replacement. The Board approved the nomination. Tracy also announced the Water Tower was completely painted, inside and outside. Committee reports followed. Roger Johnson mentioned inspections were passed and demolition plans for the restroom and well station at Herb Reffue Park continue. Art Bushue reported twenty three trees were either planted or being planted. Plans for transitioning Forestry under the supervision of Public Works are moving along well. Mary Bieber talked about collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House and a plan to raise funds for Library Assistant Maria Troche Perez’s baby. She was born recently and has already had heart surgery. Tweens and Teens of the Chief Hooker reported the Police Department is working closely with the School District on emergency management. District Administrator Jim Brewer gave the Police Department full access to train teachers and students about school traffic requirements and safety. The Library will hold a bake sale and pizza event. Proceeds will help offset the family’s medical expenses. Bieber invited the Board to attend. Hooker also stated he was pleased with the committee of four officers and four citizens that interviewed and helped hire two part-time officers. He also complimented the Force on handling a series of incidents efficiently. Tracy stated that the Economic Development Committee needs will be discussed after the Chamber meeting on Wednesday. Clerk/Treasurer Pam Franseen asked for Board Member volunteers during the election. Hooker said the Budget Planning for 2017 was in process and explained the Budget Timeline for Board review in October. A Public Budget Hearing will be held in November. Operator’s licenses applications were approved for Maria Vidal (Copper Falls) and Theresa Wellnitz (St. Stephens Family Center) and there were no invoices to approve. The meeting adjourned.