By Mary Ann Inman
Tweens & Teens of Clinton Public Library share a common bond as the library encourages learning, friendship, fun, and community involvement. Clinton Public Library Foundation recognized the innovative group this month. Participating members are as follows:
Izzy Bieber says belonging to the group allows him to hang out with friends and help others. He hopes the library of the future will be nicer than it is now by rebuilding it. Plans for his future include staying single, getting a job, and getting rich.
Sam Bieber likes reading, socializing, and helping his Mom (the Library Director). He hopes the future library will be bigger and better. He envisions growing it with more people. He dreams of eventually becoming a really good basketball player and a good college student.
Devan Gosnell checks out books and uses the computers for research. She imagines a library in a large building with up to date books and computers, one that holds more people. In the future she wants to graduate from college with an emphasis on music and creativity. Plans include writing books and opening a café meant to hold lots of books.
Hannah Hansen likes movies, makerspace, video games, and helping raise money for good causes. She visualizes a very hi tech library with more books and computers. Future plans include reading more books, going to college, and making Lego stop motion movies.
David Jacobsen enjoys friends the most. His favorite activity was the dance. Reading and gaming are fun. He wants to see the library grow bigger and better. He hopes the library is still here in 25 years. Future plans include becoming a dog breeder.
Erik Jacobsen enjoys fellowship. The 80’s dance was fun. Gaming is interesting and he likes reading Harry Potter. He likes science. He hopes the future library will continue to be amazing and helpful within the community. He wants to wait and see what the future brings.
Rebekah Jacobsen loves the bake sales and the parties. She likes math because she is good at it. Reading all kinds of books draws her into the library. Technology will probably dominate future libraries but she believes books are also important so it needs to be bigger. She likes living in the present.
Kaitlin Koltz likes back sales, dances, and parties. Music and art capture her interest. She likes meeting people and wants a bigger library to hold a larger variety of books. Koltz wants to go to college and get a good job.
Noel Lannon enjoys her friendship with Kaitlin, dances, back sales, art, and vampire books. She is interested in a club organized to stop bullying. She wants the library to grow bigger. Her future plans include becoming an artist because art is so much fun!
Josh McCully loved the 80’s party, enjoys music, and making friends at the library. He just likes hanging out and checking out books, especially books about hunting. His futuristic vision of our bigger library includes more books and a spiral staircase.
Kate McCully thinks the library is a friendly place and enjoys the group’s parties. Science interests her the most. Unsure of how the future library will look, Kate hopes it will still be comforting, friendly, and amazing. Kate wants to study science and do something life changing with her knowledge.
Liz McCully likes the group because it is fun, has makerspace, computer programs, and mystery books. She dreams of a bigger library that will stay open and hold more books. Whatever the future holds, Liz knows she will continue reading.
Andy Melson likes helping people. He enjoyed bottle rocket, the dye squirt gun fight, and parties. He enjoys math because it becomes easier as he goes. He thinks libraries of the future will have a computer screen in every home. He wants to get good grades and live life to the fullest.
Miles Melson likes the group because they help the community. He enjoys makerspace and volunteering. He likes science because it is the subject he does best in. He feels the library should stay the same but be bigger and sufficient. Miles wants to attend college, have a good career, and be successful.
Oliver Melson likes to believe he will help the library grow. He really enjoyed the Christmas parade. Art fascinates him because he can make pieces. He uses the library for reading and watching videos. Harry Potter is his favorite series. His future plans include going to college and becoming a great artist.
Madi Miethkie enjoys helping people and making new friends. She liked the trip to the park when the group picked up trash. She believes future libraries will use SD cards to check out books electronically. Attending UW Madison and obtaining a degree in Retail Management and buying a motorcycle are in her dreams.
DJ Vernon enjoys the group because his friends belong. Last year he participated in Winter Wonderland at the library. He likes football. The library allows him to read and use the computers. DJ believes the future library will be pretty much the same but bigger. He dreams of joining the NFL along with his friends.