I was driving by the old Clinton Middle School the other day and suddenly a flood of memories came back to my mind. They took me all the way back to my first day of teaching here in Clinton way back in the fall of 1990. Bob Jensen who was superintendent at the time had interviewed and hired me as district health coordinator. At that time my day started either at the high school building or the elementary depending on the day. I always finished at the middle school so I got to know everyone in all three buildings. My memories draw me to one conclusion, over the years I have been very blessed to have been able to teach with some excellent people! Here are a few of the high school teachers that welcomed me into the district back in 1990; Mark Dilley, Jim Barnstable, Mike Mulligan, Don Seeger, Dave Hansen, Larry Hood, Gene Taylor, Ann Harsevoort, John Zimpel, Mike Morwood, Sam Niehans, Richard Gilbertson, Mike and Barb Kavanaugh, Ken Affeldt and Carol Cousins. There was also another very nice lady named Mrs. Ford who taught in the English department, but I can’t remember her first name. She was about to retire and always gave me a huge smile and hello whenever she saw me.The new principal that year was Dr. Steve Cass,and joining him in the office were Pam Strom and Judy Johnson. This group of wonderful caring professionals took me under their wings my first year and made me feel like I was their long lost son who had finally come home to the family even though I was brand new to the area.
After spending my mornings in the high school, I would travel to the middle school for an afternoon of

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