By Scott Cernek
When I was walking through Farm and Fleet the other day and I noticed that the garden seeds are out already, and not just a small display, there was a huge area devoted to growing every vegetable a person could imagine.
Later that day when I flipped on the TV I saw that there were spring training baseball games from sunny Arizona and Florida on the MLB network.
As if that wasn’t enough to get the blood pumping, when I went outside to clean up my yard, I noticed the snow had all melted away and in the sky were flocks of geese migrating back to Canada.
All of these experiences led me to believe one thing, spring is indeed coming again. Now I don’t want to get ahead of myself because there’s nothing more discouraging than thinking spring is here and then having old man winter strike back with a big snow storm or a week of sub-freezing temps.
However, there is no get-ting around the facts we are now in the month of March, things are getting less cold, and we are now just three weeks away from the official start of spring.
Looking back it was amazing how this winter started out with a bang as we had two or three big snows before Christmas.
The snowmobilers could be heard zipping across the fields late at night where I live and I was actually entertaining the thought of getting a snow mobile this year.
Then we moved into the month of January and everything turned melty, muddy and mild, and so I was glad I didn’t.
It kind of felt to me like January was February and February was pretty much March as we had a couple of 60-degree days and I think one day it actually hit 70.
It was pretty funny when Ground Hogs Day came along on Feb. 2, it was a bright sunny day and all the reports said that the animal saw his shadow and there would be six more weeks of winter. However, almost immediately

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