Brodhead teachers Stephanie Tresemer and Dan Rueckert and counselor Kate Hipenbecker watch intently as Brodhead EMT Chris Searles uses a mock limb to demonstrate how to apply a tourniquet.

By Lenny Lueck, Brodhead School District Superintendent –

With the recent school shooting in Florida, I thought I would share some information about how we prepare for these types of events.  We have just recently completed “intruder lockdown” drills in each of our schools. For obvious reasons, we do not share our procedures for these events.

We currently use methods that we and our Police department are comfortable with. With that said, there are other procedures that are being promoted and we have considered these, but at this time we are more comfortable with our current process.

We will be attending trainings this summer to evaluate our current procedures and will be considering changes to our current plans.

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