Becky Strupp has vacated her position on the Orfordville Village Board, and relocated her business to Evansville, after she said
dealings with her landlord Jason Nehls became untenable.

dealings with her landlord Jason Nehls became untenable.

By Ryan Broege, Editor –

Orfordville Village Board member Becky Strupp is relocating her business, 100 Proof Design, to Evansville, and said she is also resigning her post on the village board. The reason, she said, is local landlord Jason Nehls.

Another downtown business owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they are leaving downtown Orfordville as well, on account of complaints about the condition of Nehls’ rental properties.

Both business owners filed complaints against Nehls with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection in February. A resident also filed a complaint against Nehls with DATCP in January.

Strupp leaves town
Strupp’s complaint was filed shortly after portions of a drop ceiling caved into a back room during an ice storm in January. Nehls was on vacation, and told Strupp there was nothing he could do at the time, as roof could not be completed in the inclement weather conditions.  Strupp also cited unfit win-dows, poor insulation, and intimidating behavior as other misgivings.

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