SUBMITTED PHOTO The Clinton Topper
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (seated) signed three bills introduced by Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (Clinton), second from left – at the capitol in Madison last week.

Last week, three bills championed by Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton) were signed into law by Governor Scott Walker. Assembly Bills 659 (AB 659) and 848 (AB 848) were authored by Rep. Loudenbeck and became 2017 Wisconsin Acts 223 and 204, Assembly Bill 118 (AB 118) became 2017 Wisconsin Act 222 is the product of a Legislative Council Study Committee chaired by Rep. Loudenbeck.

Act 222: is a product of the Legislative Study Committee on the Preservation of Burial Sites that Rep. Loudenbeck chaired during the summer of 2016. The Study Committee was tasked with reviewing Wisconsin’s current burial sites preservation law to determine whether it adequately balances the interests of scientists, landowners, developers, and others with an interest in a burial site, including those with a kinship interest and those with a general cultural, tribal, or religious affiliation. The committee recommended the advancement of one bill which contained all proposals for which the study committee reached clear majority consensus.