By Ryan Broege

Steve Apfelbaum is President and CEO of Applied Ecological Services, and also heads the Southern Wisconsin Land Conservancy, a group that recently purchased the “Front 9” at Decatur Lake Golf Course.

Aplfelbaum said the conservancy is made up of five founding members, and purchased the portion of the golf course this spring. Apfelbaum said the consultancy’s work focuses on working “with private and public landowners to help ensure specific lands meet the aspirations and conservation plans of those landowners.”
Apfelbaum said the purchase of the golf course is the conservancy’s first ever project, and was formed to purchase the front 9 portion of the course.

Since forming the group, the SWLC have also started working with the owner of a woodland in Brodhead who does not wish to see it subdivided and developed by the heirs.

The SWLC’s plans for the golf course include restoring the land to its natural state as an “Oak Savanna” space, and turn the land into a public conservation park. The group is also working to convert the clubhouse into a public space, including an educational space.


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