It will take more than Wizard the Lizard to save Brodhead area turtles.

Something more crushing than Yertle’s turtle subjects demands more than a burp to set Mack and others across the Sugar River free.

Protectors of our four-legged shell friends are calling on you, and they’re calling on me.

With turtle nesting season beginning for many Wisconsin turtle species, Department of Natural Resources conservation biologists are asking citizens to submit their turtle sightings to DNR’s Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program.

DNR’s history of sightings, including stretches along Green-Rock county line, put their emphasis on road crossing hot spots such as County Highway T.

“Citizen reports in past years have been very important for turtle conservation,” said Andrew Badje, who coordinates the turtle conservation program for the DNR Natural Heritage Conservation Bureau.

“Such reports have helped us identify problem road crossings throughout the state, and helped us document previously unknown populations of rare turtles.”


The rest of the story is available in the June 13th edition of the Independent-Register