ERICA GOKEY PHOTO The Independent-Register
R.I.P. Productions makes a lot of their props by hand. Ann-Margaret Naber, President of R.I.P. Productions, made these pumpkins by hand using papier-mache and sealant. The whole process takes about a week.

By Erica Gokey, Staff Writer –

Brodhead’s newest attraction made itself available to the public this past weekend. The event hosted over 500 people on opening night.

Gore and fright were everywhere in the 20,000 square foot space, but the process of turning the building from an abandoned shell and transforming it into an interesting, useable space, took a lot of fearlessness and passion.

After multiple owners and sitting vacant for 20 years, the “Old Middle School”, now known as Brodhead Manor, is finally fulfilling a dream and giving a bump in attraction that Brodhead needs.

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