ERICA GOKEY PHOTO The Independent-Register
The Senior/Community Center committee had a thermometer made, reflecting the money that will be awarded once the $500,000 grant is match. Important details concerning the thermometer’s portrayal are located at the bottom of the thermometer board.

By Erica Gokey, Editor –

The Senior/Community Center committee and Common Council held meetings Jan. 14. The main topic of discussion was the Senior/Community Center.

At the Senior/Community Center meeting, information was discussed about the conversations between the committee and the state.

On Dec. 18, 2018, the Common Council voted to move forward with a 6,000 square foot senior/community center for $1.4 million, however, the state is not supportive of the committee including “community center” in the verbiage for referendum questions even though the original application and plans stated it was a senior/community center.

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