The Brodhead Band program raised thousands of dollars towards their goal of purchasing new percussion equipment for their growing band program.  A special thanks to everyone that donated towards the baskets especially: Nancy Acker, Eileen Daniels, Wendy Oliver, Julie Kail, Doughertys, Williams family, Olmedos, Wahlers, Clines, Johnsons, Krattigers, Arns, the Mills family, the Stevens family, Searls, Malkows, Jim Ableidinger, Hattie Harry, the Weis family, Heather Chojnacki, Kathy Viger, Pam Gratz, Casey Taylor, Dodds, Braunds, Policastros, Paulsons, Gretebecks, the Dix family, Kammerers, Browns, Olivers, Myhres, Swans, Lobecks, Droesslers, Picards, Riesterers, the Schwartz family, Christensens, Schwartzlows, Hokes, Gallardos, Bentons, Blackwoods, Bernsteins, Elliots, the Fish family, the Bruns family, Montagues, the Nipple family, Kisers, Don Spooner, Elke Moore, Olson, Meythalers and Mowing to the Max- Max Pinnow.

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