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50 year rededication
Brian Wahl plays a game called “From a Tree?” during the rededication of the M.J. Blackford Brodhead School Arboretum.

The M.J. Blackford Brodhead School Arboretum was re-dedicated on April 24. Mr. Novy first unveiled the sign addition with K, 1, and 2 students. The sign addition read “Celebrating 50 Years, Rededication April 24, 2019”. After the re-dedication, students proceeded into the Arboretum, where a “Spring Flurry Serviceberry” was planted. Rich Vogel and Rory Strehlow planted the new tree near the pump house cabin. Brian Wahl, Wisconsin DNR Urban Forester, spoke to students about proper tree planting technique. He told them that tree roots must be “tickled” when the tree comes in a container. Brian also played the game “Is it from a tree?” His old chocolate Easter bunny and parts of the cheese mix in a macaroni/cheese box mix raised some eyebrows when it was said that they came from trees.

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