The newly formed Brodhead Community Resources Committee, a group comprised of representatives from Better Brodhead, Brodhead Memorial Public Library, and the School District of Brodhead are actively seeking information on the various organizations serving Brodhead. One goal of collecting this information is to better understand organizations in town so that groups can pool resources and work together to achieve similar goals. Another goal is to provide citizens, especially children and families, with access to more information on the wealth of resources available within our community.

Currently, the Community Resources Committee is looking for organizations to fill out a brief questionnaire. Once results are reviewed, the committee plans to schedule one-on-one interviews so that they can better understand what is available in the community. The form is open to any group, from traditional service and recreational organizations to crafting groups and card clubs. “We are really looking to identify the hidden talents in our community that may be shared with others. This could be something like teaching a child how to knit or fish to assisting a family through a crisis such as domestic violence or a mental health issue,” said Angela Noel, Director at Brodhead Memorial Public Library.