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Nursing Assistants
We would like to recognize and congratulate the following individuals: front row: Kaylee Homerding (Monroe High School), Rhianna Teubert, Hailey Hartwig; back row: Laura Powers BSN, Morgan Heinle, Addison Ommodt, Abbey Johnson, and Payton Hauser.

Brodhead High School and Blackhawk Technical College partnered together to offer a Nursing Assistant class at Brodhead High School, an exciting first for BHS. The course was offered in hybrid fashion, meaning that the bookwork was done online, with the lab and clinical portions being taught in person. While students continued to take their regular high school classes, they began their lab coursework at 6:30 am at the high school then proceeded with clinicals which started at 5:30 am at Monroe Clinic in Monroe. Brodhead High School’s Nurse Laura Powers co-taught the class, in addition to her regular duties with the district. Six students from Brodhead High School and one from Monroe High School completed the course. Once they pass their certification exam, they will be Certified Nurse Assistants.

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