TONY ENDS PHOTO Independent Register
City Parks and Recreation Director Wade Boegli, right, and Brooke Haycraft will be happy early next year to lead the way into Brodhead’s new dog park. They are grateful for much donated time and help, especially from Brodhead youths, also a sturdy fence thanks to the Brodhead Foundation. The pair are spearheading dog park creation in Brodhead with community help – and no tax money.

By Tony Ends, Correspondent –

Developing a park devoted to dogs and their owners in Brodhead is making steady progress toward an opening date early next year.

Madison and Dane County have seven dog parks. There are at least three dog parks near Rockford. Yet it’s unusual for a city the size of Brodhead to have designated space for dog owners to let pets stretch, run and play.

Weather hasn’t been on anyone’s leash; it’s been beyond landscaping’s control.  Resources have depended entirely on contributions – not taxes.

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