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Brodhead Area EMS first ambulance was donated by Al Schneider.

Thirty years. It sounds like such a long time, but is made of 10,957 days that each go by unnoted, and go by quickly. Thirty years ago, on December 16, 1989 the Brodhead Area Emergency Medical Service (BAEMS) began serving the community, and 15 minutes after going into business, they received their first call to help.

Thirty years bring changes. Thirty years ago, Brodhead had VHS tapes and leaded gas; no cell phones or internet. Many people in Brodhead cannot remember when the BAEMS was not there when there was an emergency.  Thirty-one years ago, a group of Brodhead Police Officers, local Emergency Medical Technicians, and concerned citizens decided the time had come for Brodhead to have a community-based ambulance service. They didn’t know where to being, what to do, or how to proceed.  There were those in town who were against the idea, or pessimistic or some skeptical.  But initial members had a dream and were determined, and there were those who believed.