MARY HOOKHAM The Independent-Register
The Pearl Island bridge was finished in 2019 but still awaits a roof to make it a covered bridge. Recently, a clerical error was discovered with the Pearl Island account, so funding for the roof remains unclear.

By Margaret Plevak, Correspondent

A not-yet-covered bridge in the Pearl Island Recreational Corridor is still awaiting its roof.

The bridge, located in Putnam Park, was one of the projects generated by a group of volunteers formed in 2011 to improve the 180-acre area between the Sugar River and along the Mill Race, now known as the Pearl Island Recreational Corridor. When a grant became available in 2012, the Pearl Island Recreational Corridor committee, a sub-committee of the city’s public works department, was formed to manage the projects, which have included hiking and biking trails, a public restroom in the park and native plantings.

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