Two brodhead students celebrated

By Siara Schwartzlow


BRODHEAD – Elizabeth Clark and Garrett Nyhus were recognized at the Day of Difference 2016 event at the Janesville Country Club on Wednesday, April 27.

The purpose of this award is to recognize and encourage students from area high schools who are making a difference in their communities by sacrificially giving their time, talents, and financial resources to help the less fortunate.

Award recipients exhibit the following characteristics: intentional, whole-hearted commitment to making a difference within the community; specific passion for helping those who may be less fortunate; sacrificially giving time, talents, and financial resources; helping to raise awareness of specific needs; and inspiring others to be more giving.

Jim Matthys, high school principal, nominated Clark and Nyhus for their commitment to helping others.

“Both students have gone above and beyond in their leadership in the past four years and have been constants in our student council with organizing and running activities and events,” Matthys said. “They are very selfless kids who are always there to help anyone when needed. I know from talking to community members that they are the same way outside of school. [They’re] two very deserving individuals.”