TONY ENDS The Independent Register
Firebolt Stone Oven Pizza and Colectivo Coffee opened last month at 1002 1st Center Ave., on the edge of downtown Brodhead. The Harry Potter themed décor, menu, and music are bewitchingly entertaining. Selections from Dumbledor Panini to LunaLovegood’s Croissant are available for breakfast with coffee or other good things to drink.

By Tony Ends, Interim Editor

Firebolt Stone Oven Pizza and Coffee, which is unquestionably Wisconsin’s only Harry Potter-inspired pizza and coffee café, put me under its spell a month ago.

When DeeAnna Straub and her daughter Karrissa Porterfield opened the themed eatery and coffee café at 1002 First Ave. in Brodhead, I thought I’d write a simple new business story for this newspaper.

I sadly discovered what members of my family, avid Harry Potter series readers and moviegoers, have known about me all along.

In taking 5 weeks to finally write this story, I’ve had painfully to admit it. I’m a muggle. I’m a non-magical person.

Pick up the July 13th print edition for full story….