Clinton Homestyle Car Show is July 29

Presented by Wrenchlife and Traffic Jams Speed Shop

                          Submitted photo, The Clinton Topper
The Clinton Homestyle Car Show is set for Saturday, July 29, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in downtown Clinton. It will feature classic cars, live music, great food, family-friendly activities and more.

It’s summertime, the weather is hot… and there are classic cars hitting the streets to find an event that they can participate in and show off to the masses.

Cars that slept all winter, covered or housed in a garage, are now out revving their engines and making children and families smile. From the first-born Model T to the fresh off-the-line Dodge Chargers, there is not need to travel far to see this summer tradition in action.

Wrenchlife and Traffic Jams Speed Shop of Clinton is presenting the Clinton Home Style Car Show. Taking place in downtown Clinton, the event will be Saturday, July 29, with gates open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and only $5 entry.

Come see the best classics and hotrods in Southeast Wisconsin, as well as muscle cars, live music, great food, swap meet, kids activities, and so much more.

But what makes Wrenchlife’s car shows so different than others? For the upcoming year, the proceeds will be going to the Clinton Food Pantry and Exploit No More. Giving back to the community is the backbone of their team. Wrenchlife is not just another car show. It is based off the belief that the members live by: “Faith, Tribe, Passion, and the Wrench life.” They must have faith everyday in something. No one can be successful without a tribe of supporting people behind them. They must have passion in all they do. And finally, the Wrenchlife – the love of fuel, spark, the bark of the exhaust, and anything that takes a wrench! The Wrenchlife team donates all proceeds to charity each year using this mindset.

This car show is not about the entries or the food. It is an event that shares a lifestyle. It is the renewal and preservation of old-school motor work. It is about metal fabrication design bringing childhood dreams to life, working under the hood with a father as a kid and learning how to make the shiny mass of metal move, the lines of the old car body styles right down to the shape of the tail lights, the smell of the exhaust as they fire up the hot rod and the memories of the old days when one might hear, “I had a car like this when I was in my prime.” Wrenchlife brings people together in a time when everyone seems too far apart.

Come and support Traffic Jams Speed Shop and the local community of Clinton on July 29 for the car, motorcycle, and tractor show. There will also be a Pin-up Contest, a variety of swap meet crafts and food vendors. Enjoy the music presented by “Brass on Fire” and “Sunshine” with Traffic Jams Clinton Home Style Car Show.

But maybe you’ve always wanted your own classic car? Now is a great time to give it a go – enter the raffle to win a 1929 Model A speedster  that was custom built by Clinton’s own Traffic Jams Speed Shop! Tickets are available at the event that day or at any of the participating sponsors, including Whiskey Ranch in Delavan located at W9002 WI-11. Stacey Ranch, running marketing for Whiskey Ranch, will also be selling tickets at any charity events she is a part of before the

show. Tickets are $10 each or three for $25. The proceeds from raffle ticket sales go to the Clinton Food Pantry and Exploit No More Charity. The car show will come to its close at 3 p.m. when the winning ticket is to be pulled by a member of the Exploit No More.

If you have any questions, check out the website at or their Facebook page, Traffic Jams Speed Shop. Or call 262-745-2863 and speak directly to owner Robert Yonkee.

                                                             Submitted photo, The Clinton Topper
A 1929 Model A speedster custom built by Traffic Jams Speed Shop of Clinton is being raffled off at the car show on July 29. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time at places like Whiskey Ranch on Delavan, or directly at the event. The show will close with the winner of this raffle being drawn.