Pin-Up girl in the making

Complied by Amy Cushing

Molly Swiatlowski, 10, poses like a true pin-up girl with a late 40s Chevy 3100. (Submitted photo)

Featured in a photo in the front page story of The Clinton Topper’s Aug. 17 issue, sweet little Molly Swiatlowski, a soon to be 11-year-old from Darien that attends Clinton Elementary School, has found what she says she’s been waiting for – she wants to be a pin-up girl.

The Clinton Homestyle Car Show that was held on July 29 boasted a Pin-Up Girls Contest. Molly was excited by it and got a special opportunity – one of the gals, Jameson “Miss Cherry Divine” Fecht, did her hair and makeup just like the rest of the ladies! She was thrilled by it, so Jameson and Krystal “Miss Cherry Pistol” Peterson took her under their wing and spent hours with her so that she could enter a contest of her own.

On Sept. 2, Molly took part in the Whipper Snappers Contest, the kids division of the Miss Firecracker Pin-Up Contest, at the Fire in the Hills Car Show, held in Yuba, Wis. The kids’ portion of the contest was new this year.

Contestants dress in 1940s-1960s era fashion, were given five questions to practice the answers to, and once on stage they were asked one of them. Molly also had to practice posing, where she had to do a minimum of three poses on stage for the judges and audience.

Once she read in the rules to “let your personality shine,” she chose to show off in a vintage-looking Rockford Peaches uniform, having seen the movie and loved it and would have been a player if she had been of age in that era. Jameson did her hair and Krystal did her makeup for the contest.

Molly would love to enter more contests in the future – but right now it’s not easy finding pin-up contests in her age range.

“I’ve been waiting for my thing,” she gushed after her first taste of it at the Clinton car show.

“It was love at first experience,” her mother, Jeanine, added.